Single Story

  1. How has your upbringing/schooling shaped how you “read the world?” What biases and lenses do you bring to the classroom? How might we unlearn / work against these biases?
  2. Which “single stories” were present in your own schooling? Whose truth mattered?

Everyone’s upbringing in schools tend to differ from personal experiences but the biases that we acquire subconsciously shape how we read the world in a negative stereotypical way. For example, my education tended to give a Eurocentric viewpoint even from a young age. When going through elementary school, an importance was placed on the provinces and the capital cities that are prevalent within Canada. I did not receive a formal education on where treaties were, or even what they were until high school. Until this class it would not even cross my mind how Eurocentric our education is, even from such young age. Subconsciously, this would make me believe that Canadian history is more important than a First Nations history. This is a definite lens that I face every day, although I have been trying to unlearn this bias by taking classes in university such as INDG 100. One way you could work against these biases is when teaching always give multiple perspectives, including a First Nations perspective.

In the ted talk it mentions how impressionable children are from a young age. Therefore, it matters what you teach them starting from kindergarten. If all of a students education throuhgout elementary school has a highlight on a Eurocentric viewpoints, the impression on the student is that, this viewpoint is more important and is the truth that mattered more. If both perspectives were actively taught, there would not be single stories.

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